La Clinica de Pedregal

La Clinica de Pedregal opened its door on 23 February 2003 in order to provide quality medical care to those who could otherwise not afford it.  We have over 15,000 patients who come from surrounding areas and as far as Haiti. Our clinic offers general medicine, tropical disease, gynecology, obstetrics, and optometry.  We have a supply of medication so that we can give our patients "doctor samples" of what they need.   The main goal of the clinic is to provide for our patients' spiritual concerns.  We pray with every patient and their families; we offer our time to listen as our patients share their stories.  We share God's love, God's word and the Bible with our patients and their families.

Dra. Wendy Diaz is the clinic's doctor.  Dra. Wendy is a family practitioner and also is a certified family therapist.

Mercedes Bueno is the clinic's nurse.